The practice of project management is becoming critical to the success of many development, government, and nonprofit organizations (NGOs). With reduced budgets and increased demands from donors and other stakeholders, organizations need to incorporate the tools and practices of modern techniques in order to achieve the expected results. Embracing and integrating formalized management within an organization involves more than merely completing a training program. To be successful, organizations need to support it from the top down and create a flexible framework consisting of practices, competencies, and techniques scaled to their specific project demands. Innovation Services offers a series of professional services designed for development organizations that are ready to improve the way projects are being managed. The services we provide will turn your organization into a true project management-focused organization. Our services will provide your organization the foundation to meet your project's.

We have the expertise and knowledge to help your organization implement a successful project managing practice that will increase the rate of project success. Our successful approach to project management comes from years of managing a wide variety of global programs and project initiatives. Our team of consultants will help your organization identify the solution best suited to meet the specific challenges you are facing. To find out how, contact us today for a free management assessment for your project.

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